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Laser frenectomy

For infants and children

Laser frenectomy

For infants and children

Dr. Lucas was the first pediatric dentist to offer laser frenectomy for infants in Austin. Dr. Lucas has extensive experience performing the procedure, as a board certified Pediatric Dentist with more than 10 years experience.

Tongue tie, or lip tie, is a common developmental condition that may cause pain with nursing, or difficulty breastfeeding for some infants. Benefits of laser treatment include less discomfort, no bleeding, and more complete treatment compared to conventional methods.

We love to see infants and families in our clinic. We can usually fit patients in right away — we don’t want trouble with breastfeeding to continue. You can schedule online now, or give us a call.

We’re happy to submit your dental insurance directly, or we can explain how to use your medical benefits. If you have questions about insurance benefits for the procedure, just give us a call.

Some helpful videos

Breastfeeding problems

Laser frenectomy: What to expect

Post procedure: What to expect

Frequently Asked Questions

I’ve been told my infant or child has a tongue tie / lip tie. Now what?

Give us a call to schedule a visit at 512-900-KIDS. We can answer any questions you may have. We’ll try to get you in as soon as possible; we don’t want problems with nursing to continue. You also can schedule online to make an appointment with Dr. Lucas.

What should I expect the day of procedure?

We offer several things to consider:

  • We recommend not nursing your baby immediately prior to the visit, because we’ll want baby to nurse just after the procedure.
  • Dr. Lucas will perform the exam with the parent knee to knee.
  • Dr. Lucas will explain her findings and recommendation, and answer any questions.
  • If parents decide to proceed with treatment, we’ll do a consent form.
  • Your child will be swaddled in the treatment room, and have laser eye protection.
  • Mother will breastfeed post-procedure (we recommend).
  • Dr. Lucas will review stretching exercises with parents.
What about after the procedure?

We will schedule a two week follow up visit. An instruction sheet will be sent home: Laser Postoperative Instructions

Stretching exercises must be performed for 10 days after the procedure to prevent recurrence! Watch our “post-surgery stetching and massage” video below.

Watch the “Post-surgery stretching and massage video”

Contact Us

If you have questions about laser frenectomy, contact us to schedule a brief consultation with the doctor.