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Fun, interactive dentistry for kids 12 and under

In the Four Points area

Dr. Liliana Lucas, mother of three and experienced board-certified pediatric dentist, leads this state-of-the-art clinic built for kids, from babies to early teens. Watch our videos below, or come by for a personal tour of our kid-friendly facilities!

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Inside The Austin Pediatric Dentistry Office: A Fun and Friendly Tour!

Join us for an exclusive virtual tour of the Austin Pediatric Dentistry office, where we make visiting the dentist fun! Step inside our colorful and welcoming space designed espically for kids, From the vibrant waiting area to the engaging treatment rooms, our office is tailored to make dental visits enjoyable for your little ones!

Discover the Best Dental Care for Kids

Discover our state of the art equipment and child-friendly amenities that ensure a comfortable experience. Our caring team is dedicated to providing top-notch dental care in a safe and nurturing environment. Watch as we showcase the special touches that make our office a place where children feel at ease and excited to visit.

The #1 Office for Tongue Tie or Lip Tie Revision

At Austin Pediatric Dentistry, we offer advance laser frenectomy procedures to help children with tongue-tie or lip-tie considitions. Using a gentle laser, Dr. Lucas can precisely and effectivly release the tight tissue, improving your child’s ability to speak, eat, and breathe comfortably! Trust our experienced team to provide safe and comfortable care for your child’s oral health needs.

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